Main objective of the project: Exchange of Good Practices

Project Title: ABIS-Against Bullying for a Better Inclusion in Schools

Project Acronym: ABIS

Project Start Date: 01-10-2019

Project Total Duration: 24 months

Project End Date: 30-09-2021

National Agency of the Applicant Organisation: RO01 Agentia Nationala pentru Programe

Comunitare in Domeniul Educatiei si Formarii Profesionale

Language used to fill in the form: English

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Summary of the projects


In the last decade, bullying has become a major issue around the world. Children have been victims or actors of bullying at schools. Peer bullying is a serious problem that will lead to a sharpening of the learning of the students, causing physical and emotional harm in short and long periods, causing school absenteeism, as well as students who are bullying victims and ones who are bullying live psychological problems in their future lives. 

According to Health Word Organisation, Romania is on 3 place by 42 European country as incidence of bullying, Save the Children Romania survey reports that 69% by Romanian students have been witness of cyberbullying; Faculty of Education of the University of Ankara in 2014 reported that 74% of students were once subjected to violence in their lives, and 20% of them reported violence against their friends.


The main motivation in this project is to combat and prevent bullying in all its dimensions. For teachers and students, meetings will be organized for bullying as ways to increase motivation and overcome bullying. It will be equipped to recognize the challenges and opportunities of developing strategies for identifying and preventing peer bullying. 


Our project aims to reduce the most difficulties that students experience in peer bullying and to develop a behavioral culture against peer violence, including social, ethnic, linguistic and cultural diversities at schools. Our first motivation is to improve the positive attitudes and behaviors of students towards bullying and to improve the quality of management efficacy of the staff on peer bullying, curriculum planning with new teaching methods, knowledge and ability to cope with peer bullying and bullying victims so that students can be protected from victimization and so that students aren’t affected by negative aspects of bullying.

Some of main objectives are: 

Our project objectives are linked with selected priorities, focused on learning for all/including diversity/EU values for a democratic citizenship. 


Our participants will increase educational & social inclusion, will be more efficient in their education & training of qualifications & equipment; Participants will interact with different culture and it will develop ’empathy & share support for other. We will decrease bullying rates & absenteeism at schools.